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International Excess / Unaccompained Baggage Specialists

Unaccompanied Baggage Services for sending excess baggage world wide

Send excess baggage to any destination and receive it at your door step without any hassle of carrying it with you by paying a much economical price compared to the airline excess baggage.

Sending your personal effects or excess baggage through Time Express can be far more economical than paying the airlines’ excess baggage charge at check in – and far more convenient.

Time Express can arrange to pick up, pack and deliver your personal effects and excess baggage from your address in UK,USA,India and arrange for them to be delivered directly to the door in over 220+ countries. Time Express track and trace Air Express service means that your possessions will always be within our sight, no matter where they are within the world, right up until the point they get delivered to the address of your choice.

Alternatively if you have large quantity of personal effects that need to be packed and shipped home Time Express can arrange for the items to be picked up from your address within UK,USA,India and specified countries on request and deliver by sea freight – a more economical option for large quantities of personal possessions or particularly large or awkward items such as bikes, furniture, or kitchen equipment.

If your personal possessions need packing Time Express can use our specialist packing techniques and materials to pack anything from books to bikes to furniture – our wide range of packaging materials means no item is too awkward for us.Excess baggage or Personal effects is a term used to describe the items of personal property that you own and consign for shipment overseas.

Time Express offers a range of personalised excess baggage services for the packing and delivery of personal possessions and excess baggage to anywhere in the world designed to meet the needs.

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