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You Shop We Ship

Need something from India / NRIs

You Shop - We Ship service has become synonymous and well-known with the local on-line shopping community.

Our services cater to individuals/corporates/businessmen/professionals who prefer to shop either on-line or want to purchase from India, USA, UK, Canada and rest of the world. This service provides a flexible and cost effective logistical solution for on-line shoppers purchasing from overseas retailers.

You Shop - We Ship service is designed to consolidate item orders directly in our Time Express office. Once the items are purchased by Time Express purchase department on behalf of the customer as per his online request /requirement, we pack the entire shipment according to standard safety norms and before dispatching the consignment to its preferred destination a complete invoice copy of the purchased goods is scanned and sent to the customer for approval and transparency of transaction. Our IT system thus enables our customers to track their shipments on line.

NRI / Purchase from India

This special service is designed for NRIs who want to buy anything from India. Simply place your order from the store and deliver to Time Express office address. Once the shipment has reached our office it is packed according to standard safety norms and shipped to you across 220+ countries.

You tell us what Legal Items to Purchase from India & On your behalf we will purchase it and send it across to 220+ countries.

We will ship any Legal items from India to 220+ countries. You can pay the Seller Directly or we can pay the seller on your behalf provided, you pay us first by using online payment option.

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